Saturday, August 8, 2009

Sewing those Pillows, Pillows

This pillow was a combination of two sweatshirts. The green reindeer was one I made in 1987 with my two son's handprints as antlers. Chris was 6 and Kelly was 3.
The Christmas of 1994, I made one for Bob's mother with Kate's handprints added. She was 5. Cleo never wore it, so it was in perfect shape. It became the front of the pillow. As my children are now all adults with children of their own, I don't want to forget the love and memories that pour through me when I see pieces of them at much younger ages.

This began as a Tshirt that Bob brought me back from Bangkok! It was so unique and I wore it a few times in Houston. But then I just saved it. So, I combined it with a bit of upholstery remnant and a lovely cording. And there it is.

I really love the way it looks with my favorite aubergine pillows that my good buddy, Christie, made for me several years ago.

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