Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Whitney's Prom

Whitney's Prom was Friday evening. Bob and I drove up to Ridgewood, NJ on Thursday afternoon. Friday, Lisa and I had lunch with Whitney and then enjoyed the hair and makeup sessions. That early evening, she was ready to go. She looked fabulous and the dress is beautiful.

Lisa, Ralph, Spencer and the Prom Girl in their backyard. They have a really lovely back yard and these gorgeous roses. We were also so fortunate that everything was blooming. It was just a very special time to be all dressed up!

Whtiney and her date Dash. He was very charming. There was a before prom party in a friend's back yard. The family really made a lot of effort to make this such a special evening for this group of friends.

All the girls who were at this one party. I always laugh and think that girls did not look like this when I was a senior in high school!

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