Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Kate's Tonsillectomy

Kate had her tonsils taken out last week. I put these pictures in backwards, so we will start with how she looked the day following the surgery. Kate and I were a bit bored with hanging out at Bob's studio apartment, so we went over to Kristen and Ruthie's for a while!! Kate was a trooper and just has really done well with the recuperative process!! Ruthie is always happy to have company. She is already an aspiring Southern hostess!

This is not for the faint of heart. This shows Kate the afternoon of surgery and what the back of her throat looks like---look, MOM, two holes! The green tongue is from a green popsicle!

This is Kate the morning of surgery.....early that morning.

Thsi is Kate the afternoon before surgery. Poor baby, she hasn't felt well for several months.

Her surgery was performed by Dr. Price at Capitol Ear Nose & Throat in Raleigh at the Blue Ridge Surgical Center. Both Dr. Price and the nurses at the surgical center were fabulous!

I brought her back here Thursday afternoon, and her boyfriend, Chris, joined us for Easter. We really had a lovely weekend. Kate was pretty inactive, and our weekend was fairly quiet. Thank goodness for those NCIS netflix movies, sweet potatoes, lots of ice water and root beer floats!!

I selfishly enjoyed every minute of it. I LOVED spending the week with her. And I know she is going to be so surprised at how those darned infected tonsils really pulled her down. I am so looking forward to hearing how good she is feeling--it may still be a week or so.

Sadly, Chris drove Kate back to Raleigh on Monday. They both had class on Tuesday. Boo, hoo.

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